Famous Landmarks and Attractions in Leicester Square

Are you looking for a bustling entertainment and culture hub in Central London? Leicester Square is your ideal destination. The area is known for its vibrant entertainment scene, cinemas, restaurants, and shops. Also, it is the home of several iconic landmarks, such as Leicester square garden and Odeon Leicester Square, among others. Keep reading as we share three famous landmarks and attractions in Leicester Square.

#1. Leicester Square Gardens

The Leicester Square Gardens is one of the important attractions in Leicester Square. This public park is located in the centre of Leicester Square and is a peaceful oasis in the middle of the bustling city. It features beautiful fountains, benches, and a small playground.

#2. M&M’s World

M&M’s World is a popular tourist attraction in Leicester Square, London. This four-story store is dedicated to the famous candy brand M&M’s and offers a wide range of merchandise and activities related to the brand.

Inside the store, visitors can find various colourful M&M products, such as clothing, kitchenware, toys, and plenty of M&M candy.

#3. Odeon Leicester Square

This historic cinema is located in the heart of Leicester Square, London. It is one of the UK’s largest and most popular cinemas and has been a top destination for film enthusiasts and celebrities since its opening in 1937.

The cinema has a seating capacity of 1,680 and is equipped with state-of-the-art audio and visual technology, making it a popular venue for film premieres and other special events.

Thailand Craft Beers

Bangkok has a sophisticated drinking culture but isn’t known for its Thailand craft beers. Committed brewers in Bangkok are turning to one another to feed the city’s burgeoning craft beer market with beers infused with authentic Thai flavours as demand for them rises. Mitr, Thailand’s first collaborative brewery, opened its doors for business, and now there are more brewpubs than ever in the nation, propelling Bangkok to new craft beer heights. Among the notable Thai craft beers available in Bangkok you may try are:

Sandport Broken Sword Red Ale

Sandport was founded by a group of friends who have a passion for both rock music and beer, thus the name. A once-underground brewery, Bang Bang IPA won bronze at the 2017 Australian International Beer Awards, solidifying its place as one of Thailand’s most celebrated brews.

Mahanakhon White Ale

Mahanakhon Brewery’s White Ale is a little less out there. The witbier’s typical flavour comes from the usage of wheat that is similar to that grown in Belgium. Bangkok’s thick, hot heat pairs well with the beer’s crisp flavour. The beer has become more common in the city’s shops and watering holes after it won awards at the 2017 World Beer Awards.

Full Moon Chalawan Pale Ale

Chalawan, brewed in Phuket’s Full Moon Brewery and named after the cruel but lovely crocodile king of Thai mythology, is a well-balanced pale lager with just the right amount of sweetness and bitterness. Full Moon is at the forefront of the burgeoning Thai craft beer industry, having won gold for their Chalawan beer at the 2016 World Beer Awards.

Happy New Beer Pilsner

You can celebrate Happy New Beer every day of the year thanks to the brewery’s head brewer, famous for using copious amounts of hops and incorporating local mineral water into his brews. Their first brewery was located in Khao Yai, and their pilsner, which mixes classic flavour with hints of tropical fruit, is incredibly pleasant. Even more refreshing is their Grapefruit New England IPA.


LFW (London Fashion Week) is a popular clothing trade show known to take place in February and September in the British Capital. It’s among the ‘Big Four’ fashion weeks and presents itself as a trade event attracting press attention.

History of LFW

Learn About LFW History

Organised by the BFC(British Fashion Council) for the London Development Agency (LDA) with help from the BIS, LFW first took place in 1983. The show was held in West London in a car park, and tents were erected outside the Commonwealth Institute in South Kensington. Young designers who debuted here include David Fielden, Betty Jackson and the Gibraltar-born John Galliano.

LFW Events

Visitors Will See New Collections from World’s Best Designers London Fashion Week 2023 promises to offer unmissable fashion events to the British Capital. Visitors will get a chance to see the latest catwalk ranges and hear from industry experts. LFW activities celebrate some of the latest trends from over 100 international and British designers, spanning menswear, womenswear and gender-neutral designs. The five-day LFW festival runs as a digital-first festival, and there’s a limited number of RSVP-required in-person and invitation-only events. Visitors should expect exhilarating shows from big names, including Simone Rocha, Richard Quinn and Roksanda.

There will also be rising-star designers, such as Halpern, Knwls and Nensi Dojaka. London Fashion Week showcases some of the most exciting new talents in the industry, thanks to the presence in the British Capital of some of the leading fashion universities and colleges.

Visitors should not miss the LFW 2023, as it will allow them to delve into the latest womenswear, menswear and gender-neutral collections.

Here is a site with more information about LFW

Why is Guy Fawkes responsible for the fireworks in the UK on November 5th?

Here is why the Bonfire Night, also referred to as Fireworks Night or Guy Fawkes, is celebrated annually in the UK on November 5th

History of the Bonfire Night

Every year on November 5th, Bonfires or Fireworks are lit in the UK to commemorate the failed attempt by Guy (Guido) Fawkes to blow up the government. The foiled attempt, also known as the Gunpowder Plot, took place in 1605 as Catholics led by Guy Fawkes failed to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London. The attack intended to get rid of James I and his ministers and form a government headed by the Catholic church. Since England was a protestant country, those behind the plot wanted the country to return to Catholicism.

How the Gunpowder unravelled

The plot was to bomb the Houses of Parliament by placing them underneath the building and blowing it up. However, the plot was foiled when a letter was discovered by one of King James I’s men. Those involved were flashed out and later executed.

When does Bonfire Night take place?

The event takes place on November 5th each year in commemoration of the date the plot backfired. Had it gone to plan, it could have caused the death of the King, his ministers and even civilian casualties. When members of the public learnt of the ordeal, they started lighting bonfires in the city to celebrate the failed Gunpowder Plot. Even with the unpleasant celebrations over the years, the event has become a way for friends and loved ones to get warm beside bonfires.

The history of Wat Pho, Bangkok

Wat Pho is renowned as the origin of traditional Thai body massage. This article is focused on having an in-depth discussion regarding the history of Wat Pho.

Wat Pho- Understanding its History

Wat pho, the largest Buddhist temple, is situated at Phra Nakhon District, in the southern area of the Grand Palace. It is also referred to as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha and is the largest temple in Bangkok. It is amongst the oldest temples situated in the city and is also included in the list of the top royal temples. Serving as a big tourist attraction site in Bangkok, Wat Pho’s history dates back to the 16th Century. The name Wat Pho came from the full version; Wat Photaram, a monastery in India where Buddha got enlightenment from.

There is neither a date indicating when the temple’s construction was officiated nor the name of its founder. Though, there is some information that indicates it might have been originally constructed between the year 1688 and the year 1703. This was during the tenure of King Phetracha. Following the Siege of Bangkok that took place in 1688, the King demolished the southern area of Wat Pho that was occupied by the French Star Fort. King Rama 1 built the present-day Grand Palace adjoining Wat Pho in 1782. The old temple site at Wat Pho was deep in ruins, so he took charge for its renovation in the year 1788. The entire construction took more than 7 years to complete, and in 1801, it was declared the main temple for King Rama 1. The most notable changes were made during the reign of King Rama 111. The entire temple’s complex was renovated and expanded in 1832. The most popular feature in this temple; Chapel of the Reclining Buddha was built that time. After its renovation in 1982, there have been ongoing modifications happening often, usually funded by the temple’s occupants.


The reclining statue of Buddha at the Temple is a must-see when touring Bangkok. Other interesting activities include getting some traditional massage and practicing Yoga. If you are returning to Thailand Landmark Bangkok has an all-inclusive Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) package which will let you stay in comfort and luxury with fabulous dining.

The history of the Bangkok canals


The Bangkok canals hold a much deep and significant history and culture of the capital. The waterways became a significant symbol of the city in the 19th century.

Though the canals have become more polluted and smelly, they serve as historical relics of the city. Located at the heart of the city, the Landmark Bangkok Hotel is one of the best ways to see how the canals manoeuvre through the city.


Here is the story of the Bangkok canals.

floating-market-650467_1920 (1)

The First Canals.


The first canals were created in the 16th century as a means to speed the voyage of foreign merchants. The creation resulted in a substantial change in the course of the Chao Phraya River.


More canals were built with the four major ones being: Bangkok Noi, Bang Ramat, Bangkok Yai, and Taling Chan. The canals continued to split and become more hence dubbing the city as “Venice of the East.”


Originally a means of Protection


In the 18th century, the city of Ayutthaya was burnt and destroyed by the Burmese. As a result, Thais built canals as a better means of defense.


Further, as a means of defense, king Taksin built a moat to protect Rattanakosin Island, home to the Grand Palace. A second moat was constructed under King Rama 1 to further expand the city. These moats were connected by two small canals hence protecting the island in every direction possible.


As threats decreased, most canals were destroyed and only two remained – the Mahakan Fort and Phra Sumen. The canals were then used for other purposes other than protection.


A major way of Life


Through the 19th century, the Bangkok canals become a major form of transport and irrigation to the ever-expanding city. Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem and Khlong Saen Saeb are the two major canals that can still be found in the city today.


Thonburi Canal, west of Chao Phraya River, remains one of the best ways to explore the city. There are various types of boats to choose from if you want to visit the city via water.


Moreover, the canals played a central part in the spiritual aspects of Thais. Temples were built around areas with canals to form a symbolic connection with the waters. As a result, the canals significantly shaped the landscape of Bangkok.




From the 16th century, the canals played a major role in Thai life. They offered communities with services such as irrigation, transportation, and even controlled floods. Although most of the canals are no more, they contribute significantly to the rich history and culture of Bangkok.

5 alcohol free cocktails (mocktails) that can be served happily at a private dining event.

Private dining offers excellent opportunities for demonstrating skills in the art of meals and drinks and fun alcohol-free cocktails are fun but also nutritious.


5 Alcohol-Free Cocktails (mocktails) that can be Served happily at a Private Dining Event


Doesn’t a succulent roast look all the more appetizing when surrounded by shiny glasses of tempting cocktail drinks? The truth is, modern dinners have all but dispensed with the old custom of serving a different wine with each course. Remember that wines aren’t complementary to all foods, but mocktails mystify the palate, being somewhat unidentifiable but wonderfully refreshing and exciting.


No More Worrying about Lurid Behaviour


The benefits of these non-alcoholic cocktails is that you never have to worry about some of the side effects that alcoholic cocktails have on some guests. Mocktails are a fun way to ensure that everyone at the table can enjoy the same drinks, even the kids.


Hydrating and nutritious, if you opt to have your private function at the K West Hotel & Spa, you’ll discover that the secret of an enjoyable dinner with private dining West London is the atmosphere at the table – lighthearted. There are even some health gurus at the K West hotel who believe that everyone should leave a place where they gained something instead of losing something – often their dignity.


♦ Shirley Ginger


4 cups Brooklyn Crafted Lemon-Lime Ginger Beer

Lime rounds

1 cup club soda or seltzer water

.25 cup grenadine

3 tbsp lime juice

Maraschino cherries



Simply stir club soda, lime juice, ginger beer grenadine in a jug and pour into garnished glasses with ice. Put a couple of cherries amongst the ice.



♦Hot Apple Cider

10 oz apple cider

1 tsp pumpkin butter


Heat the apple cider and stir in pumpkin butter and garnish with some cinnamon.


♦Virgin Watermelon Margarita

1 watermelon, cut into chunks

.5 cup fresh lime juice plus 5 tbsp sparkling water

4 tsp agave


Puree your watermelon chunks to produce 4 cups of puree. Add lime juice and agave and mix. Pour into 4 glasses and top up with sparkling water.


♦Strawberry Chamomile ‘Maritini’

1 oz elderflower cordial

.5 oz ginger juice and .5oz of simple syrup

4 oz chamomile

5 mint leaves

1 strawberry

Orange and lemon wedge


Mix strawberry with ginger and simple syrup and add elderflower, chamomile and mint leaves along with the orange and lemon wedge. Add ice and shake. Strain and pour into cocktail glasses.


♦Wildcat Cooler


1 cup sugar

1 cup water

1 cup blueberries

Juice of 1 lemon


Place the sugar, water and blueberries in a large saucepan and boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes. Strain and put the solids to one side. Place crushed ice in a glass right to the top. Pour lemon juice in. Pour 1 oz blueberry syrup into the glass. Fill the glass slowly with water.


A Special Sparkle

Not hard to make, you can share some special sparkle with these non-alcoholic cocktails, especially when the private dining is in a beautiful setting.


The History of Oxford Street

What is Oxford Street?

Oxford Street is an extensive road in the popular area of Westminister, London. It runs from Tottenham Court Road through to Marble Arch alongside Oxford Circus. With around an amazing half a million daily visitors, Oxford Street is Europes busiest shopping street and one of the most popular destinations for tourists to visit. It is home to a wide range of department stores and high-end retail outlets. Every Christmas, Oxford Street will put up Christmas Lights and organise a yearly display for tourists to watch the Christmas light switch on. The first display to ever happen was in 1959 and it has grown in popularity year on year.



Oxford Street follows the fascinating route of a Roman road that became one of the major routes in and out of the city. Between the 12th century and 1782, Oxford Street was known as Tyburn Road, Worcester Road, Oxford Road, and Uxbridge Road. A major route to London, there are several interesting obstacles along the road including the big bridge over the Tyburn! It was also known for prisoners public hangings for those who were in Newgate prison. Now there is a small round stone in the ground that marks the location of the tree they were hung from. In the 1730s, a turnpike was established to improve the upkeep of the road. In the 18th century, development began after many large surrounding fields were purchased by the Earl of Oxford. The street became extremely popular for entertainment including theatres, public houses, and bear-baiters. Towards the end of the 19th century, Oxford Street changed from predominantly residential, to retail.

Many furniture and cobbler stores began to open up on Oxford Street and some expanded into the country’s first department store.

In 1864, John Lewis opened up a small shop whilst Selfridges opened in 1909. By the 1930s, the street was almost full of retail shops. It still remains retail to this day. During World War Two, Oxford Street was targeted and bombed in the early hours of the 17th September 1940 during the blitz. Many of the buildings were damaged through subsequent fires or direct hits. Four department stores were hit including Selfridges, John Lewis, Peter Robinson, and Bourne & Hollingsworth. Until the war ended, it remained as a bomb site. The stores were completely demolished and rebuild from scratch.

During September 1973, a shopping-bag bomb was set off, injuring 6 people and causing a whopping £1.5 million of damage.

Further development and investment in the area has resulted in Oxford Street becoming one of the shopping capitals of the world, with some of the best known department stores and some of the best 5 star Hotel in London, as the Royal Lancaster London.

Why is getting married in Bangkok so popular?

Choosing where to get married should be fun and exciting, not stressful. This article is going to explore why Bangkok is a favorite with many happy couples.



Bangkok- The Heart of Thailand

Thailand is known for having a rich culture full of serenity and beauty. Tropical heats are boasted all year round, even in the British winter. Monsoon season covers most of the British summer months making a November – March wedding the best for outdoor wedding plans. Bankok is one of the worlds most visited tourist destinations and is truly unique, just like your eternal love. Among Bangkok’s well-known sights are the Grand Palace and major Buddhist temples, river cruises along the canals and museums. Charming, bustling and beautiful, Bangkok is the perfect place for a wedding.


Accommodation- Luxury When You Deserve it Most


There are many stunning and luxurious hotel options to choose from. Many of them have enviable ratings and first-class hospitality. For that important first night as a married unit, Bangkok has you covered. Hotels such as the Lancaster Bangkok Hotel will give you an authentic Thai experience while going above and beyond to make your stay magical. Guests also have lots to choose from for every budget.


Other Considerations- Things That Make Bangkok a Great City


Bangkok has a very low risk of natural disasters, and it has a fairly moderate crime rate which compared to other major cities is a major weight off your mind. Transport is brilliant with access to buses, taxis, water travel, trains, and two major airports. This means that planned correctly you can visit everywhere you would like to within your stay. Within the bustling city life are many parks and tourist hot spots which are a perfect respite when you need to indulge in more natural surroundings. The architecture of many Bangkok buildings are mesmerising and add something extra special to the charm of traditional Thai culture.


Afterthoughts- Wedding and Honeymoon Destination in One Place


While Bangkok is established as a perfect wedding destination it is also a great place to have a honeymoon. Also, it is possible to travel to more remote parts of Thailand from Bangkok, this saves time and money because you are already in the country. This enchanting country could happily play host to all your wildest dreams and desires.


In Summary


Bangkok has it all, Sun, culture, and luxury. Make the celebration of love a memorable event not only for yourselves but also for your guests. Friends and relatives will be talking about this destination for decades to come and with it the memory of the love that brought everyone together. What could be more perfect than that?

Five traditional meals you must try in Florence


If you want to have the taste of best meals when visiting Florence, look for the best traditional meals and you won’t be disappointed…



Florence is well known in Europe for keeping its culture and traditions alive. Italian foods are widely produced cuisines in the whole world and this gives people an expectation of what to find not knowing there are more than what we have experienced from the outer world. These facts are distorted for there are so many variables such as the person who introduced the meals to your country, the experience of the person cooking that meal and also basic things like the ingredients used, flavour and recipes. Italian foods are also divided according to regions, where each region specializes with their different meals. In Florence, the cooking is quite unique from the whole country. While staying at Fibnb apartments you can  enjoy the best restaurants where you can try all these traditional meals.


The Best Traditional Meals to Enjoy in Florence


Florence has some of the best traditional meals you should definitely try out. These traditional dishes are unique for they can only be found in Florence and this will help you know the kind of foods you should try to have the best experience, knowledge of real Italian dishes and to enjoy your stay in Florence. With the meals mentioned in this article, your stay can never go wrong in the city. One of the best traditional meals is Trippa & Lampredotto; this is kind of a dish you can find in all streets for it is one of the easy-to-eat local dishes. The recipe is traditional which includes the use of various pieces of meat.



Crostini Neri this is another traditional dish you should try, for it’s very popular in Florence. It is made with liver paté, which is basically chicken; this dish is one of the best. It is made with lots of creativity where the cook can add different things in it such as slices of toasted bread. Truffle Gnocchi adds flavour even to the blandest dishes, it is served in creamy sauce plus truffle seasoning and Gorgonzola cheese. It is one of the most valued ingredients, and you can find it in Florence restaurants and this should be in your list of must taste.


Bistecca alla Fiorentina is one of the best dishes for those who love meat and it’s very unique. The steak must come from a specific type of cow which is Chianina cow. Each side is cooked in 3 to 5 minutes on both sides where it is served as T-bone thick and slightly two-inches thick. Zuppa di Fagioli is the best meal when you don’t want to eat meat. It is made of beans soup made from olive oil, tomatoes, cannellini beans, and herbs.


Embrace yourself and start trying out the most terrific traditional meals in Florence. There is so much to the list and even better, you can decide to accompany the meal with the best Florentine wines.