The history of Wat Pho, Bangkok

Wat Pho is renowned as the origin of traditional Thai body massage. This article is focused on having an in-depth discussion regarding the history of Wat Pho.

Wat Pho- Understanding its History

Wat pho, the largest Buddhist temple, is situated at Phra Nakhon District, in the southern area of the Grand Palace. It is also referred to as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha and is the largest temple in Bangkok. It is amongst the oldest temples situated in the city and is also included in the list of the top royal temples. Serving as a big tourist attraction site in Bangkok, Wat Pho’s history dates back to the 16th Century. The name Wat Pho came from the full version; Wat Photaram, a monastery in India where Buddha got enlightenment from.

There is neither a date indicating when the temple’s construction was officiated nor the name of its founder. Though, there is some information that indicates it might have been originally constructed between the year 1688 and the year 1703. This was during the tenure of King Phetracha. Following the Siege of Bangkok that took place in 1688, the King demolished the southern area of Wat Pho that was occupied by the French Star Fort. King Rama 1 built the present-day Grand Palace adjoining Wat Pho in 1782. The old temple site at Wat Pho was deep in ruins, so he took charge for its renovation in the year 1788. The entire construction took more than 7 years to complete, and in 1801, it was declared the main temple for King Rama 1. The most notable changes were made during the reign of King Rama 111. The entire temple’s complex was renovated and expanded in 1832. The most popular feature in this temple; Chapel of the Reclining Buddha was built that time. After its renovation in 1982, there have been ongoing modifications happening often, usually funded by the temple’s occupants.


The reclining statue of Buddha at the Temple is a must-see when touring Bangkok. Other interesting activities include getting some traditional massage and practicing Yoga. If you are returning to Thailand Landmark Bangkok has an all-inclusive Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) package which will let you stay in comfort and luxury with fabulous dining.

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