Thailand Craft Beers

Bangkok has a sophisticated drinking culture but isn’t known for its Thailand craft beers. Committed brewers in Bangkok are turning to one another to feed the city’s burgeoning craft beer market with beers infused with authentic Thai flavours as demand for them rises. Mitr, Thailand’s first collaborative brewery, opened its doors for business, and now there are more brewpubs than ever in the nation, propelling Bangkok to new craft beer heights. Among the notable Thai craft beers available in Bangkok you may try are:

Sandport Broken Sword Red Ale

Sandport was founded by a group of friends who have a passion for both rock music and beer, thus the name. A once-underground brewery, Bang Bang IPA won bronze at the 2017 Australian International Beer Awards, solidifying its place as one of Thailand’s most celebrated brews.

Mahanakhon White Ale

Mahanakhon Brewery’s White Ale is a little less out there. The witbier’s typical flavour comes from the usage of wheat that is similar to that grown in Belgium. Bangkok’s thick, hot heat pairs well with the beer’s crisp flavour. The beer has become more common in the city’s shops and watering holes after it won awards at the 2017 World Beer Awards.

Full Moon Chalawan Pale Ale

Chalawan, brewed in Phuket’s Full Moon Brewery and named after the cruel but lovely crocodile king of Thai mythology, is a well-balanced pale lager with just the right amount of sweetness and bitterness. Full Moon is at the forefront of the burgeoning Thai craft beer industry, having won gold for their Chalawan beer at the 2016 World Beer Awards.

Happy New Beer Pilsner

You can celebrate Happy New Beer every day of the year thanks to the brewery’s head brewer, famous for using copious amounts of hops and incorporating local mineral water into his brews. Their first brewery was located in Khao Yai, and their pilsner, which mixes classic flavour with hints of tropical fruit, is incredibly pleasant. Even more refreshing is their Grapefruit New England IPA.


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